by Bianka Schönbrunn

Never have our lives been as stressful as they are nowadays. We all experience busy schedules at work, appointment after appointment, private obligations such as devoting enough time to family, friends and hobbies – always too much to do in too little time. So what can you do when energy levels are low? The answer is simple: Just add some early morning exercise to your schedule.

Wait a minute, you will say. I have no time already. How can it be helpful to squeeze yet another activity into my busy day? It may sound like a contradiction but taking time to work out really is the key to a less stressful life. Read on to find out why.

The importance of “sharpening your axe”

Even if we all know that exercise is good for our health, too often we “just don’t have time for it”. Is it less important than our other commitments? “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”, states a famous saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln. What does it mean? A tree-cutter who takes time to sharpen his axe will soon benefit from his good preparation. He will carry out his task efficiently and finish it in no time. His colleague who rushes to work using a dull axe, however, will struggle to do his job, soon get tired and possibly even give up.

Our bodies and minds are our most important tools. In order to carry out the tasks given to us, we need to keep them in good shape. If we work out, we have more energy and are able to focus better on our work, thus increasing our productivity. Exercising on a regular basis will help us to become the best versions of ourselves.

A sense of achievement

Ok, so the benefits of exercise are obvious. But why should I get out of bed early in the morning to do it? If I have a tight schedule, wouldn’t it be more practical to just work out whenever I can find some time? Yes and no.

Every minute you can spare for fitness will help lead you towards your goal of living a healthier and more active life. However, there are more advantages to catching an early workout. If you exercise before going to your job, you will be able to use the energy boost that you will get from it throughout the day, your mind will be clearer and you will be less likely to get tired midday. In the end you will need less time to finish your tasks – time that may be available for leisure. Plus your day will start with a huge sense of achievement.

Inspired? Give it a try and start your day well by hitting the gym early, because a good morning will most likely become a great day!

Photo: B. Schönbrunn